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We invite you to come aboard our vessel Iguana. Enjoy a new style in river trips at the amazon rainforest Venezuela. Welcome aboard!

In our expeditions you have the opportunity to:

  • Observe gorgeous scenery
  • Swim in one of the many amazon's rivers
  • Delight yourself with our fresh regional cuisine
  • Meet and share with local inhabitants
  • Walk, hike or trek in the rain forest
  • Sleep in hammocks in traditional village huts



Autana Expedition 5days / 4nights

Selvadentro has designed a beautiful journey that lets the avid traveler enjoy three rivers and its peoples: Orinoco, Sipapo and Autana rivers.

First day

Expeditionaries depart in one of Selvadentro's vessels from the port of Samariapo, through Orinoco river headed to Sipapo river. There we reach a rustic camp built by Piaroa Indians, millenary inhabitants of these lands. Our first night in the jungle we get in touch with our wonderful surroundings and dine under the stars.

Second day

After breakfast travelers get ready for a walk through a jungle trail to Mavaco Piaroa community. Nice time to respectfully observe villagers, look for arts and crafts and enjoy the panorama.

Afterwards we embark in Selvadentro's vessel up river through Autana river for several hours, until reaching Ceguera community. There you can enjoy a refreshing bath, time to experience a true contact with nature. This night will be spent at a camp located in Ceguera, Piaroa community in front of Autana Tepuy, Natural Monument.

Third day

After breakfast we get ready for a jungle hike to Wahari mountain, just in front of Autana tepuy, where we will be able to observe a fascinating view of the region and the tepuy. It will take the traveler approximately five hours back and forth. We carry water and snacks for the hike. On the way back we can refresh with a dip at Autana river and overnight at Ceguera camp.


Fourth day

We navigate up river in the Autana until we reach Raudal de Pereza (rapids) where you can spend the day swimming, sunbathing and fishing for local fish like payara, pavón, anchoa, etc. This is a relaxing day suitable for reading, writing, meditation or simply contemplate nature and be carried away by the magnificent entourage. In the afternoon we will visit "Mirador" to be part of a spectacular sunset.


Fifth day

We return back to Puerto Ayacucho with stopovers at Piaroa indigenous communities and Ratón Island. This one is the biggest island at Orinoco. Arrival at Puerto Ayacucho.

Requirements:8 people aboard Iguana.

Río Cunucunuma - Parque Nacional Duida - Marahuaka 11 nights / 12 days

Selvadentro has designed a beautiful journey that lets the avid traveler enjoy two rivers and its peoples: brown water's Orinoco River and black, fast water's Cunucunuma River, inhabited by the Yekuana people, of the Caribe linguistic family.

Our river voyage begins at the port of Samariapo, 70 kms south of Puerto Ayacucho by road, where travelers embark Iguana and we begin our river voyage Orinoco upriver.

The first day we go by Ratón Island and spend the night at San Fernando de Atabapo. From here the journey continues to Santa Bárbara rapids. The following day, weather permitting, you will appreciate a gorgeous view of Yapacana tepuy, National Park.

All along the journey we stop at some Indian villages, so the traveler has the opportunity to get to know a little bit of their cultures, among them Curripacos, Piaroas and Banivas. We will leave Iguana at the village of Lau-lau where travelers continue in an aluminum boat through the river's rapids. Once we reach Cunucunuma's abundant black waters, inhabited by the Yekuana people, the journey continues headed to Campamento Araguaney, facing Guachamacare Tepuy.

The expedition's first stop is the community of Acanaña, Yekuana village at Cunucunuma's river shore, reaching in approximately two hours the village of Culebra, Duida- Marahuaca National Park Ye'kuana population. Here you will appreciate the magnificence and sublime beauty of three tepuyes: Marahuaca, Duida and Guachamacare.

We will set camp at Campamento Araguaney, a ye'kuana owned and ran churuata for travelers. We will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets and enjoy a spectacular view in front of Cunucunuma River.

After breakfast we get ready for a hike* to Palmito waterfall at the base of Duida-tepuy. We pass by Culebra village where we can respectfully observe villagers, look for arts and crafts and enjoy the panorama.

A local ye'kuana guide will go along with us and share some of his knowledge. We make camp in the jungle and spend the night selvadentro.

After breakfast we head back to Campamento Araguaney. On the afternoon we have the option to reach Guachamacare village and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Last night at Campamento Araguaney.

We will leave Culebra this morning in our aluminum boats headed down river to Iguana. Afterwards we will have La Esmeralda, Alto Orinoco's municipality capital, as our destiny. We can clearly appreciate here a meeting point consisting of savannas and jungle vegetation. It is also a commercial activity meeting point for Alto Orinoco's peoples: ye'kuana, yanomami, yeral and curripaco.

After a marvelous and pleasurable journey, we head back our river voyage to Puerto Ayacucho.

*Option for a longer hike. We keep on going from Culebra thirty minutes upriver to Guachamacare village. You will follow a trail that will lead to Guachamacare tepuy, heading to salto Mono. The adventurous traveler will enjoy taking part in the jungle camp's preparation for a two nights stay. After the descent from Guachamacare's Tepuy, you will leisurely enjoy the tranquil journey back to Puerto Ayacucho through the river. Additional cost.

We can coordinate either or both ways to suit expeditionaries by air charter for an additional cost, resulting in a shorter expedition. Overnight at Puerto Ayacucho can be in hotels or at Expediciones Selvadentro Campamento Carinagua in hammocks.


Orinoco - Casiquiare - Río Negro Expedition

(9 nights - 10 days )

*Option to continue to Sao Gabriel das Cachoeiras on the way to Manaus, Brazil's Amazon capital

Selvadentro has designed a beautiful journey that lets the avid traveler enjoy three rivers and its peoples: Orinoco River, Casiquiare Channel and Río Negro.

We will travel in Iguana with auxiliary boats that will take us through smaller rivers and lagoons, for bird watching and fishing. On our way back, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a two hour breathtaking view over the vast amazonian jungle.

Our expedition begins with spectacular views (Piedra de la Tortuga Natural Monument) as we get into the jungle on our way to the port of Samariapo, starting point for our journey in Iguana. Welcome lunch aboard Iguana. We navigate upriver on the majestic Orinoco and we marvel at its spectacular views, until we reach San Fernando de Atabapo, small creole and indigenous population home to Curripaco, Piaroa, Yekuana, Maco, Guajibo and Baniva Indians. This was Estado Amazonas' first capital. San Fernando de Atabapo is at the meeting point of three rivers: Atabapo river, Orinoco river and Guaviare river from Colombia. It has a very poignant history in rubber tapping times sought after especially by French and British people, when it had a great economic boom. Founded in 1758. Important commercial activity.

Iguana departs in the morning and we stay for a tour of a caucho (rubber-tree) (Hevea brasilensis) plantation. We depart in aluminum boats until we reach Iguana. We continue our journey Orinoco upriver visiting indigenous communities ashore such as: Curripacos, Piaroas, Banivas, Jivis and Yanomamis, to share, exchange and get an idea of community life. We will be able to appreciate Ventuari river's mouth, one of Orinoco River's most important tributaries.


The journey continues as we go by Santa Bárbara rapids. We will pass by numerous islands, this being the place in middle Orinoco where we can find more islands. The following day, weather permitting, you can enjoy yourself observing the splendor that nature offers us in our first tepuy: Yapacana. We will stop at the village of Kiratare. There we can appreciate a gorgeous view of Duida Tepuy, the second tepuy on our journey.

At the Baniva village of Lau-Lau, we get ready for a jungle hike to Arawaka, visiting the cave of a mythical being of the jungle: the savage.

Before reaching Casiquiare channel, natural channel that joins the two biggest south-american waterways: Orinoco and Amazon, we will also pass the mouth of Cunucunuma River. Casiquiare deviates from Orinoco river so we will navigate all the time with the river's flow. It's left bank belongs to UNESCO's biggest Biosphere Reserve. We will navigate during three days on this river, visiting curripaco and yanomami communities and going in different lagoons for fishing and observing underwater fluvial life with snorkeling gear. Expeditionaries will marvel at Pasiva lagoon, site of great importance for the baron Humboldt due to its immensity and beauty.

One night will be spent in a yanomami village. In this way expeditionaries will be able to share a little with these wonderful people getting to know just a little bit about yanomami's daily life. Yanomamis are one of the most primitive ethnic groups of the American continent and still conserve great part of their autochthonous culture. Our lead guide is one of the few able to speak their language.

We continue our journey going through the Siapa River to visit Kumakapi-teri shabono. Afterwards the traveler will enjoy the visit to Pasimoni river, black water river, to visit Curripaco village Niñal and keep heading to our journey's destiny: San Carlos de Río Negro. Río Negro is formed when Casiquiare Channel meets Guainía River, coming from Colombia.

On the way back travelers will enjoy two breathtaking hours of flight over the Amazon rainforest, providing for the observation of the vastness and majesty of the jungle.

Expeditionaires that wish to do so can continue for two additional days to San Gabriel de Cachoeira in Brazil, to then embark for five days or flight to Manaus for an additional cost.

In our expeditions you will:

  • Navigate through different rivers in the State of Amazonas,Venezuela.
  • Aboard Iguana, inviting vessel designed for river navigation, only one in the region, exclusive of Expediciones Selvadentro. Offering the comfort to make your expeditions pleasant and agreeable.
  • Wonder into the marvels that make up National Parks and Natural Monuments.
  • Observe some of our state's tepuyes such as: Autana, Yapacana, Duida, Guachamacare and Marahuaka. These are formations found only at the Guayanese shield.
  • Visit various remote indigenous communities, interact with their inhabitants and get to know a little bit of their lifestyle.
  • Observe typical constructions of various indigenous ethnies.
  • Appreciate and buy arts and crafts (necklaces and baskets, among others)
  • Eat typical seasonal rainforest fruits

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Amazonas, Venezuela