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Our expeditions...

Selvadentro's origins lie deep within the Venezuelan Amazon region through experiences at the rivers, jungles and through good relations with different indigenous groups. Selvadentro Expeditions invites you to live the most wonderful experience where pleasure, culture and adventure are combined for the enjoyment of your leisure time in a safe manner. Experience life at it's simplest, share with local inhabitants, explore the other frontier, enjoy the beauty and mysteries of our jungle.

We offer our experiences to enjoy in a truly natural environment, where you can discover amazing experiences and explore untouched dimensions in harmony with the environment. Our services will let you enjoy the beaches, rivers, rapids and tepuyes scattered all along the Venezuelan Amazon. Come aboard our typical amazon vessels which harmonize with the region's traditional transportation means. At Selvadentro we live Amazon's ecotourism at it's best, promoting environment conservation and sharing with the dwellers of this gorgeous region.

Our services

Our people, our pride

Selvadentro's guides belong to the indigenous groups of the zones where the expeditions take place. They are knowledgeable, friendly and know the region like the palm of their hands.


Our river expeditions usually begin at the port of Samariapo, reached after a one hour road trip south from Puerto Ayacucho (70 kms.) We also arrange expeditions where we fly one or both ways to one of several landing sites in the state.

Our fleet

Our fleet includes: Iguana, small amazonian river cruise and the newest member in our fleet, Bongomarán, SelvadentroI bongo (A typical dug-out canoe, made collectively by the indians using rudimentary tools from the trunk of only one tree. It's palm thatch roof protects us from the elements), curiaras (typical vessel smaller than a bongo used for small rivers and lagoons for birdwatching and fishing)and voladoras (14 and 16 feet aluminum boats ) for fast travel.

Selvadentro Expedition's exclusive catamaran, the only one of its type in the entire region, made of two bongos with 7 ton carrying capacity.


Bongomaran has a rustic bathroom, kitchen, solar powered radio communication and electrical generator.We provide hammocks all along the trip for the enjoyment of a comfortable voyage.



Sleeping quarters

Selvadentro provides diverse sleeping arrangements depending upon the place visited. Overnights in hammocks at churuatas and caneyes (traditional indigenous dwellings made with local materials, roofed with palm thatch) alternate with the more adventurous camping in the jungle or romantic nights in hammocks or tents at the river's beach. For those travelers who want to experience the life of the crew, there is the option to accommodate in hammocks in the vessel. Expeditionaries feeling in the mood to practice their outdoors skills are always encouraged, if they want to, to participate in the making of a campsite. Our crew will always gladly arrange it. In Puerto Ayacucho, the traveler can sleep at a hotel or in Selvadentro's Carinagua Camp, also in hammocks.

Travelerers aboard Iguana will enjoy sleeping at double cabins.


Our cooks at Selvadentro Expeditions combine regional and fresh local ingredients with creative cookery to offer you exquisite dining all along the voyage, allowing for the enjoyment of local produce combined with good taste. We will cater to your taste during the entire trip. We can design a vegetarian menu if requested. Casabe, maņoco and sancocho will be part of your cultural dining experience and vocabulary.

Your equipment, pack lightly!

  • Light clothing, long sleeved
  • Bathing suit
  • Bug repellent
  • Flash light
  • Hat
  • Anorak, jacket or poncho
  • Goodies

Not included:

  • Air fares
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips

For special expeditions:

  • Anthropological
  • Botanical
  • Science
  • Trekking
  • Photography
  • Sport fishing
  • Cerro la Neblina and more...

Contact us directly through our email to arrange for custom made expeditions.

Film expeditions:

Selvadentro Expeditions can also organize for your audiovisual and filming production works, with vast experience in this field.

Among our clients:

  • Discovery Channel
  • Blakexpeditions
  • National Geographic Television
  • Asahi TV, Japan
  • Kawasemi Tv, Japan
  • Big Wave Productions, Great Britain
  • Wild Track Productions, Venezuela
  • NHK
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc., Japan
  • Hot Spot Films, Egypt
  • Televicentro de Puerto Rico

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Amazonas, Venezuela